Saturday, October 22, 2005

Off Casablanca

Quick update

05.15 position 34.05.16N 008.38.8W and we are passing Casablanca to the south east though I have to believe the chart that it's there as I can't see any evidence of it - we're about 50 miles off the coast. It's been a quiet night so far, just one huge freighter passed by silently about an hour ago. I say silently though we've had the engine on most of the time, and I've been listening to Phillip (my iPod) as well so it could have been making a racket, but it just 'looked' silent to me. Quite eerie the way they get closer without seeming to move at all, and suddenly they're right beside you, and what was a little cluster of lights a while ago is now a leviathan. Wonder what they think of us? Probably didn't even see us!

Reading the lights on the vessels is a bit of a challenge and judging when best to change course is quite a skill. Thrilling when you get it right, fatal when you get it wrong! Only one shooting star tonight compared to three last night and not a dolphin in sight.

This is the first entry I have managed to do when underway (albeit without the boat heeling) so it's quite momentous. I LOVE Avomine! Yesterday, I also managed to cook a simple meal without a hint of nausea. Nick is asleep and has been since 00.30. I keep doing longer watches than necessary, not because I'm considerate or dedicated or anything like that, but because I'm banking up my hours so that when and if I feel sick, I can cash them all in without feeling too guilty! Looking forward to brushing my teeth and getting in the bunk. Just another 25 mins to go now. More later.

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