Thursday, September 08, 2005

Sta Eugina de Riveira

Had a mixed passage from Sardineiro to Sta Eugina de Riveira. Initially we had smooth seas, a decent westerly wind and blue skies. Kika was surfing along under wind-vane and we had thoughts of making for a harbour further south. Our path crossed with the Norwegians who were heading up the Ria Atlas.Norwegian 'Vego' another Rival 38
Norwegian 'Vego' another Rival 38


Soon after the sky started darkening and we prepared ourselves for a shower. Five hours later we peeled off our outer 'waterproof' layers to (in my case) soaked shorts and top. I think a valid case could be bought against my waterproofs under the trades descriptions act. Ellen fared a little better and we were both happy to warm up under hot showers at the marina.

Yesterday felt very Autumnal. Had a brief dolphin visit on the way up the river. They appeared to be a different species from the ones we've seen before; larger, slower and less playful.

Currently we're 'laundry-bound' in Sta Eugina de Riveira, yes we could be weather-bound, fog-bound or waiting for repairs to sails or engine, but instead we're waiting here for our laundry - sure this never happened to McArthur or Knox-Johnson. ['no it didn't, but they were single-handed and no-one else was there to smell the stink!' - Ellen]. Never mind we're hoping to make use of the delay to visit Santiago de Compostela tomorrow.

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Farmer said...

Laundry bound! I like it!! And time for another 45 minute shower just before you set off?!!

So the sailmail is working well? Amazing - it must be pretty reliable to upload the photos as well. Looking forward to more updates - it sounds like a brilliant trip already.

Take care - and we'll put up a prize for the first Whale photo!