Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Costa Cafe del Morte

Chef's Special Tonight (5th September 2005)

Delicious twirls of fresh, 'al dente' pasta in a creamy seafood and caper sauce
ie: Tuna Pasta

Nick has come a long way since the 'Starboard Locker' fiasco (about 150 miles) and his experience is really shining through now. When faced with a queasy but undernourished crew-member who had been wrestling with a wayward mainsail for 20 minutes (at times swinging like a monkey from the halyard), was he daunted by what culinary delights to tempt her with? - was he heck!

The starboard locker was opened, it's true, but only for the carefully selected ingredient of capers to add to this inspired dish! He deftly fried the onions, then, as the pasta boiled he skillfully mixed the cornflour with UHT milk, effortlessly opening the tin of tuna and slinging in the capers as an afterthought. Needless to say, the presentation was outstanding. What did the crew have to say as she finished her last forkful - 'is there any more skipper? That was deeelicious!' (truly!)

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