Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Return to Falmouth

We left Falmouth on 20th August 2005 a little apprehensive about what Biscay would have in store for us and still trying to persuade the wind-vane to hold a straight course. I arrived back on 8th August 2009 having almost mastered the wind-vane, though my respect for the ocean remains undiminished.

We almost had an uneventful sail back from the Scillies. I caught a small mackerel which seemed to emphasize the end (or temporary break) from my tuna catching, ocean sailing days. We were all set to arrive earlier than advertised when I steered directly over a fishing buoy. We eventually freed ourselves by cutting and rejoining the line, though a couple of metres remained caught in the vicinity of the propeller. I hoped the rope cutter on the propeller shaft might clear the final strands - instead the propeller locked solid, stalling the engine. Time to anchor in calmer waters and take a look. After a quarter of an hour, hacking at the rope, the propeller reemerged and I tried bring some feeling back to my extremities with the help of a warm shower.

I was still shivering as we entered Falmouth harbour, though quickly memories of the chilly Cornish waters vanished as we spied Will, Alyssa and Grace waving frantically from a small motor boat. We were then propelled by a whirl of reunions with friends and family, champagne corks popping, joining in the Falmouth week festivities and of course not needing the excuse of karaoke to perform our rendition of "home lovin' man" to the crowd in the Chain Locker.
I've just about recovered and despite the shock of the temperature (is it really summer?), it's great to be back. Falmouth is buzzing - my arrival coinciding with Falmouth week.
It's wonderful to watch the seamanship as the engineless working boats appear to sail effortlessly on to quays and on and off buoys. Falmouth feels like an international sailing cross-roads with northern European boats preparing to head south at the start of exciting adventures and slightly more weather beaten boats arriving with sun-bleached crews high on the thrill of landfall and full of tales of warmer waters.
I'm planning to stay in the harbour for a couple of weeks, sadly preparing Kika for sale and allowing myself to slowly adjust to a new land-based reality. It's been an incredible four years and I've really enjoyed the discipline of keeping the blog - thanks for the positive comments through the years. Now though it's back to reality and trying to fix the diesel heater to bring some warmth into the cabin.. THE END (for now...)

Anchorage in Falmouth: N50deg 09.2' W005deg 03.7'
Mobile: +44 (0)7759 819325


Punter said...


It's been great "sailing" with you for the last few years. I was looking forward to the part where you lose your wits with the loneliness of the sea, but it dissapointingly never happened. Your blog stayed funny and well-written throughout.

I hope you can adjust to the mundane. Maybe you should find a blog of someone doing something interesting and live vicariously through them? Works for me...

Tamara Reay said...


Just read your blog and seen that you're back!! It would be great to see you....I don't know how many years it is!!!

If you're still in Cornwall on 28 August, I'll be at my house in Mousehole for a few days (with Patti & Steve and their girls) - so come on over loonbennett-mousehole.co.uk

Hope to see you soon and hear about your adventures.


Chris said...

Hey Nick, welcome home! Sorry I wasn't down in Falmouth to be part of the party - moving flats at the moment so it's a bit hectic.

Nick said...

Hi Nick!
Welcome back!
It must feel very disconcerting after so long and so many adventures...What are you going to do now?...come to that what am I going to do now I can't live out my sailing dreams through your wonderfull blog?

Come and visit Brighton
Beers and dinner on me!

Nick T

tasha said...


It was all very rushed after the radio show and I didnt thankyou I dont think. It was a great interview/chat and someone from Germany emailed me after and loved it too. They said that is was good because I am uninformed on sailing matters and not 2 sailing bores talking about sailing, If you get my drift. So dont worry that you didnt say this or that, it was practice for you for the next time you get asked, you will know exactly how you want it to go. thanks again

bloc hornet said...

I agree with punter, you give excellent commentary about sailing on your blog, keep up the good work and keep posting!

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Anonymous said...


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