Friday, September 19, 2008

Busy Bali

It's been a busy week, fitting in as much as possible before Ina's departure, with a brief stop in Gili Air and a whirlwind tour of Bali.

In Gili Air we rejoined the cruising fleet and were gently eased into the Indonesian tourist world. Gone was the celebrity status of being the only boat in the anchorage, instead we were another tourist to target - "hey mister want to buy sarong, necklace... maybe later". Still tourist infrastructure brings some benefits such as lounging on the futons on the beach bars in Gili Air while watching the sun set. Amongst other delights, Barracuda was on the menu, a little frustrating given that we'd rejected the couple we'd caught a few days before - at least I'll know for next time.

From Gili Air we headed to Lovina on the the north coast of Bali. Barely had the water settled around the anchor than we were off into town searching for scooters to hire. We had a great few days, exploring inland for a change, relaxing in Ubud and finally heading down to Sanur to meetup with Brenden and Lisa, some friend's with a Rival 34, who we'd met in the Caribbean and are now working in Bali.Ina flew back to France on Monday night. Perhaps I've been sailing for too long, but to me it's almost inconceivable to be back in Europe in less than 24 hours when it'll take me nearly a year before I arrive home.
I'm still apprehensive about leaving the boat unattended at anchor overnight and in our haste to explore ashore we hadn't found anyone to mind Kika in our absence. Clearly the worry was playing on my subconscious as one night in Ubud I awoke in a panic having dreamt that we'd dragged ashore and was even more convinced when I saw trees out of the window, imagining I was seeing them from the boat. Only after I raced over to the window to inspect the reef I was convinced we were resting on, and instead saw rice fields, did I slowly return to the reality. Still I was nervous as I arrived back in Lovina, scanning the anchorage until I spotted our mast - exactly where we'd left her five days before.
I think I'm missing a trick. While I'm waiting for new crew, I'm busy fixing all things that broke on the trip - isn't that the crew's job?...

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