Sunday, October 29, 2006

Closing on Minerva

The drugs have kicked in and I'm now feeling vaguely human again and able to do normal things like sitting up, eating, reading and even writing a blog instead of lying foetal on the starboard bunk for hours at a time. It's scary how effective Scopoderm is, but in such a wonderful way! Anyway, we have 60 miles to go to Minerva Reefs where we probably shan't stop as the weather window continues to look good for us, and by spending time there, we would be courting an encounter with some kind of adverse weather later in our passage. Noa and Zeferin are at anchor in the reef (they both left a day before us) and when we pass there tomorrow morning, we shall slip ahead of them in stealth mode - well sort of. We'll probably end up radioing them to say hello and they'll emerge pretty soon after and overtake us. We don't mind really, as Kika has been sailing very well and we know that what she lacks in speed she makes up for in strength (and looks!).

Today we have had more good winds from the east with lots of sunshine to help us along. It is much colder down here though, and where once a sheet was too warm at night, we are now using sleeping bags. We have spent the day chatting, cooking, reading and sleeping - the usual 'on passage' activities, with a little sailing thrown in here and there. The 'Lonely Planet' guide to New Zealand is fast becoming our most favoured piece of literature and we are getting excited about making landfall. Our destination is Opua, in the beautiful Bay of Islands, where many boats we know will have already arrived and where more will be constantly trickling in over the next few weeks. The party will be big and long!

Position @ 19:40 (30/10 UTC+13): S22° 58' W178° 09'
Distance to Minerva reef: 60 nmiles
Daily run: 136 nmiles

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