Friday, September 15, 2006

Landfall in Apia, Samoa

We made landfall early yesterday morning. From the open sea, the anchorage looked very welcoming and the leading lights were clearly visible so we decided an entry in darkness was possible. We motored quietly in (well, as quietly as we can with our engine) and checked out the shapes of familiar hulls (Revision II, Zeferin and Noa amongst others) before we found our spot and dropped anchor.We woke to the strains of 'Glory, glory Alleluja' in brass band style as the local constabulary did their 0800 parade. Apia is a sight for sore eyes after the solitude and simplicity of Penrhyn. It's a busy but attractive town nestling between gentle slopes of tropical vegetation. Checking in was a joy as we made our way around the town to visit the various very friendly officials. There's all we need here including ice cream, internet and laundry. First impressions suggest an interesting place and very different from our last stop - we'll let you know.

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