Saturday, August 26, 2006

Catch of the Day

We had a great sail through the night, making good progress to Penrhyn. During my first watch there were no stars and no moonlight to see by, just incredible phosphorescence and Noa's mast-head light twinkling reassuringly to our port. During my second watch, however, Noa had disappeared over the horizon. They really need to learn to take it easy on that boat! The wind died early this morning which may have had something to do with us catching our biggest fish to date; a whopping great tuna, as fat and round as a rugby ball, and about twice as long. When Nick landed it, we noticed that something had taken the opportunity to have a nibble at it while it was on the line as it had a chunk of flesh about the size of a hen's egg taken out of it's belly. Poor thing! Like it didn't have enough on its plate. Anyway, it's being relished by us now on our plates - we've had 4 meals of sushi and pan fried tuna already!
Bounty of the sea

Only 415 miles to go.

Postition at 13.40 ship's time (GMT-10) - S14deg58, W157deg01

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