Friday, March 17, 2006


Today has been another day of constant winds and we have made good progress. Our destination has changed due to the happy fact that the outboard motor is working again. This means we can head for San Blas as originally planned. To that end we gybed the boat and began heading south at 1am. We were joined by another crew member during the gybe - a beautiful but exhausted sea-bird (I've yet to identify it) struggled to land on our life-belt but just managed and has been preening itself for the last 4 hours. It lost its balance at one point and once again, struggled to keep up with us so I slowed Kika down (don't tell Nick) to give it a chance to land which it did. I have heard stories of birds hitching rides before and it seems they only do it when they are on the verge of collapse, so the prognosis isn't great and we mustn't get too attached! It's called Flotsam!

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